My 5 favorite biceps exercises

Flexing the upper arms must be the most universal measure of manly cockiness.

Many TV-sport experts, at least in Sweden, says arm development among athletes are only for show. Which only prove these “experts” lack of knowledge about anatomy and muscle function. The arm muscles are important for pushing/throwing, pulling, gripping and stability around the elbow and shoulder joints.

Still, many people consider isolated arm training unnecessary. It’s said the arms get enough stimuli from the big lifts. And yes, if you base your training on free weights this might be true to some extent. But at some point some muscles always lack behind. Arms are no exception. One side are often weaker, or there could be an unbalance between biceps and triceps. As an athlete it should be of interest to have enough strength around all the joints. Even if the arms contribute just a little in your sport, that “little” contribution can be the different between gold and silver, winning or loosing.

For the rest of us, arm training are most for show. But what’s wrong with that? Here are my favorite biceps exercises. I’ll talk more about the principles of arm training in a later post.