Simple trick for a stronger squat

It’s a simple little trick I learned from reading Anthony Ditillo, mentor of Charles Poliquin.

Simply push the barbell upward with your hands. Don’t press the bar, just give it a push. Like when you push a car.

By pushing the barbell with your hands during the ascending phase you’ll involve more of your total body strength in the movement. The mental thought of pushing the barbell upward is also a good trick for aligning your body into a stronger and more stable poster.

I prefer using simple tricks and cues for learning and teaching new movements. When you teach a movement it only confuses people if you give them to much to think about. Most people, not all, but most people can only hold one or two things at a time in their head. If you give them to much instructions they will feel overwhelmed. This is why I always search for one thing, which could be different for everyone, that may help the trainee correct any movement problems. It’s easy to get carried away as a coach trying to fix everything at once. But most of the time, one or two simple corrections can be all that is needed. I seldom show my clients photos or videos of themselves during teaching. I rather show photos or videos of someone else if needed. If they see themselves they tend to be distracted by things they shouldn’t care about at the time. Like how fat they look in those supposed to be very cool pants. Or whatever.