Goblet squat

Squats, especially back squats, are often scary in the beginning. When you tense up you’ll become stiff and doing deep squats will be awkward and difficult. This is probably the single most common reason why people don’t do deep squats. One way of learning deep squats is the much less scary, and much easier Goblet Squat.

Goblet squat is often done with a kettlebell or a dumbbell. You hold the bell in front of you with cupped hands, like a goblet. When you squat, make sure your elbows come inside your knees. You can even try and actively push your knees out with your elbows. If you find yourself unable to stand up again, just drop the bell in front of you.

Keep an even balance over your feet. If you go slow it’s easier to keep your balance in check. The centre of gravity should always be just in front of your heel, throu the arch of the foot.

Using a kettlebell or dumbbell this way often feels more natural, far less scary, and far less awkward than using a barbell on your back.