“I eat like an adult.”

When my wife and I started dating (before we got married, obviously) her friends were curious about me, as friends should be. The first thing they asked was of course “what does he do for a living?”. Now, that is normal. But I don’t believe the next question is something people normally ask about a new date, or is it?

“What does he eat?”

She was always a bit stunned by the question. I don’t follow a particular diet, so she didn’t really understand this curiosity. She just replied:

“Eh, he eats food. And chocolate. He loves chocolate.”

I don’t follow a particular diet. Couldn’t bother. I’ve never been overweight. Ever. I’ve always been lean, almost a bit too lean. My problem has always been to get enough to eat, rather than too much. But I’m happy to be lean so it’s not really a problem. If I had too choose though, I’d prefer what is known as a the mediteranian diet.

I eat mostly meat and fish for proteins. I don’t eat pork. I kind of follow the bibles advice on that. I prefer ecological sources, whether it’s meat or vegies. If it wasn’t for the pollution and all the plastic in the ocean I’d say fish is the best source of protein and fat.

I grew up on a vegetarian diet with fish and dairy products. I started eating meat as a teenager, which was a strange experience. I remember chewing, and chewing, and chewing, and chewing. Because of this there’s some restrictions for what I actually like, and I still eat a lot of vegetarian dishes. Oftentimes I just ad some meat to it and viola! The food circle is fullfilled.

My favorite dish is salmon with a salad on avocado, spinach and cucumber with lemon and oliv oil dressing.

I have five principles to eat healthy.
1. I never go cheap on food. I stick with good quality and food that tastes good. We mainly buy ecological produced products.
2. I drink mainly water, tea or coffee. As a kid I drank a lot of juice and soda but to save money I stopped buying juice and started to drink only water, we have good quality tap water in Sweden, and this habit stuck with me.
3. I very seldom eat junk food.
4. I hardly ever eat candy. I do love chocolate, but that’s about it.
5. I drink very little alcohol. I do enjoy a small whiskey now and then, but I don’t party anymore.

To sum this up I like to quote Dan John: I eat like an adult.