Deadlift: tips and tricks

Aktivate your hip flexors in start position
In start position, I’ve found that if I strongly activate my hip flexors the rest will follow. Squeeze your thighs and lower tummy together as if you were holding a stick in between. You should feel your buttocks automatically tightening up, as well as your hamstrings and abdomen.

Grab the bar and push the floor away
Many newbies tend to lift the bar with their arms. Think of your arms as anchor chains. Just hook them on the bar, hold on to it, and push the floor away. Arm strength is still important, for the sake of a powerful grip.
I use this technique cue with people that bend their arms in the lift, and some people that doesn’t use their upper back properly. When you tell people to “hold on”, this problem often solves itself.

Activate your lats to help stabilize your back
This is for trainees that are ready for more detailed instructions. Hide your sweat circles under the arms, lock shoulders and bend the bar inwards (elbows out). Yes, inwards, the lats are inward rotators (so are the chest muscles). Some lifters tend to pull their shoulders up and while the traps are very much involved (and should be) they shouldn’t do all the work. Let your lats help out a bit.