One arm barbell shoulderpress

I’m very fond of one arm exercises. It’s good for strength balance, but it’s also fun. Anything that is both good and fun should always be considered.

I’ve always been fond of dumbbells for this very reason. Strange enough, I’ve never considered doing one arm work with a barbell. I often look after inspiration for new exercises, and one such exercise I recently learned is the one arm shoulder press with a barbell. Because this is a new exercise to me I can’t use very much weight. This may be a reason for people to stick with what they know, but I find it satisfying to learn a new exercise and then pile on the weights. Especially if I hit a plateau.

I believe you need a variation of exercises if you want to bust a plateau, continue to grow in strength and size, and to avoid overuse injuries. 

At this point I can witness three main pros for the barbell one arm press:
* The barbell challenges the stability, you need to stabilize the barbell more than a dumbbell.
* You can use a barbell rack so you don’t need to lift the weight of the floor. I find this to be a relief. You may even use a power rack with safety pins.
* It looks more impressive! 😉 

Technic tip: to save your shoulders let the barbell swing out in a slight curve upwards, or lean your body to the side as I do in this clip. Whatever works for you.